Truck Excerpts

Under the Skin

Remembering What
Never Happened

Double Expose

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Memory Bank

The Scene
Behind the Bed Scene

Seductive Reasoning


Premiere: August, 2014, Harbor for the Arts Festival, Cape Charles, VA

Truck is designed to be performed inside a 17-foot box truck, bringing performance to nontraditional and unexpected locations.

Through Bridgman|Packer’s signature integration of live performance and video technology, an ordinary box truck evolves from the utilitarian into a reimagined space, a micro-world of visions and transformation. Exploring how context changes perception, the work ranges from evocative to humorous, to sensuous, to wacky.

With the audience looking into the bed of the truck, the work can be performed in parking lots, parks, loading docks, field houses, plazas or street corners. Truck can be presented in conjunction with stage presentations or as a separate event.

Truck can be performed outdoors after dark in parking lots, parks, college campuses, and street corners or at any hour in indoor parking garages or large indoor spaces.

Parts of Truck were created through a Fellowship with Experimental Film Virginia 2014. Truck has received a New England Foundation for the Arts Expeditions Grant to tour the work to seven sites in New England in 2015-16.

Remembering What Never Happened

Premiere: June, 2015, The Yard, Chilmark, MA

The intersection of memory and imagination is at the core of Bridgman|Packer Dance's new work, Remembering What Never Happened. In this expansion of their signature integration of live performance and video technology, memory becomes a constantly shifting territory as they delve into the changeable nature of time, form, perception, and identity. Bridgman and Packer interact with video projections of their images that morph and explode into digital re-interpretations of the human body, while scenes shot on location in the Mojave Desert transform into surreal landscapes.

In a departure from their past work, this piece incorporates simultaneous computer video processing, with time-delay and image-altering capabilities. Multiple video images appear and evaporate in response to the performers’ movements and evolve from photo realism to strokes of abstraction. The work rides the line between the constant and the shifting, the tangible and the subconscious, while exploring the plasticity of memory and experience.

"visual and choreographic genius"

Remembering What Never Happened is a National Performance Network (NPN) Creation Fund/Forth Fund Project co-commissioned by The Yard (Chilmark, MA) in partnership with Opera House Arts (Stonington, ME), and Silvermine Arts Center (New Canaan, CT) and NPN. The Creation Fund is supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Ford Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts (a federal agency). The Forth Fund is supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The creation of this work is also made possible in part by a 2015 National Endowment for the Arts Grant.